TT2000 2019

TT2000 2019

The next TT2000 takes place Feb 22nd – 24th 2019, we’re entered and raring to go. Want to give it a go?

This years ride has a new format, 16 compulsory checkpoints worth 5,000 points each plus a whole heap of ‘flyer’ checkpoints and four ‘mystery’ checkpoints as a bonus.  The start and finish are both in Christchurch at the very hospitable Yaldhurst Tavern.

2019 is the 11th year of the TT2000 rally, it’s entirely within the South Island and combines some of the favourite features from previous year’s events.

There are 300,000 points up for grabs and to be classed as a finisher you will need to achieve 100,000 points or more, along with travelling at least 2,000km in the 48hr (52hrs including the buffer) time window.

Compulsory Checkpoints – there are 16 checkpoints, worth 5,000 points each, that everyone must visit at some point during the rally.

Flyers – yes, they’re back! There are 16 regular and 16 ADV (gravel) flyers, all are optional and all are worth 6,000 points each. Word on the street is that the Rakaia Island ADV checkpoint will really sort the men from the boys….

Mystery Checkpoints – there are four mystery checkpoint for you to locate, either prior to the rally or while you’re on the road. These are worth 7,000 points each.

Here’s the route the team from CircleNZ is working on, it will change as we refine it over the next month or two. We’ll also be attempting to find all those ‘mystery’ checkpoints but needless to say we’ll be keeping those well hidden (beer might loosen our tongues though……)

If you’re good at math you’ll have already spotted that all 16 compulsory checkpoints will only give you 80,000 points, so your route will need to include at least a few Flyers and/or Mysteries.

We can also tell you that the shortest route around all 16 compulsory checkpoints is 1,960km so a bit more riding distance is also required.

So head on over to the TT2000 web site and picture yourself riding the South Island best roads along with New Zealand’s best Long Distance riders.  🙂

TT2000 Long Distance Ride

CircleNZ do have a certain number or motorcycles available for this ride but certain conditions apply – Contact Us for details.

TT2000 2019

Going well on the rough, Photo Credit D Britten Somewhere on the West Coast I think.

TT2000 2018

TT2000 2018, Photo Credit C Carey Some ride in groups.