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CircleNZ frenquently asked questions.


Do you have any questions? Our frequently asked question (FAQ) page will help you to answer them.

Before hiring a motorcycle

The minimum age for hiring any of our motorcycles is usually 25, however, this may be lowered to 18 on a case by case basis. 

Please contact us for more details.

You need a license which is valid for the class of motorcycle you’re hiring. This can be either a New Zealand license or a license from the country you come from.  


If your license is not in English you will need either a translation or an International Driving Permit.

The minimum period off peak hire is 24 hours, so if you pick a bike up at 10.00am it’s yours till 10.00am the following day. 

Additionally, during the peak season the minimum hire period is usually 3 days.

When hiring a motorcycle with CircleNZ

A 20% deposit is required to secure your reservation. This is due at the time you make your booking and can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or via Paypal.

The balance is due on or before your first day of hire, this can be paid by bank transfer, in cash on the day of pickup or by credit card.

On the other hand, note that if the balance is paid by credit card a transaction fee of 3.5% applies.

Yes. We have a variety of jackets, overtrousers and helmets available.

You can book these online when you book your bike, we’ll match sizes/styles etc when you pick the bike up.

However, we do not hire boots or gloves so best to bring your own.

See our article  ‘What to Wear’  for a guide to suitable clothing.

We are located around 15km north of Christchurch International Airport and just 5km off State Highway 1, see  ‘Our Location’  for more information.  


If you’re flying in we have a pick up service operating which will pick you up from International Arrivals and bring you direct to our premises.

This service is free for rentals of more than 7 days. If you’re arriving by other means we can pick you up from central  Christchurch or your Hotel. 


If you’re driving just come directly to our premises. Our physical address is:

 72 Waikoruru Road, Tuahiwi, 7691

 GPS Coordinates S43.323157, E172.630797

Tours and Routes

Yes. If you want to book a guided tour you need to contact us with your requirements.


Each tour can be individually tailored to suited you particular interests/timescale/budget.

We also have riding Ambassadors available if you’d just like a riding companion for a day or two, these are local motorcycle enthusiasts who are just looking for an excuse to ride for a day or two.


Contact us you’d like more information about either Guided Tours or Ambassadors.

Absolutely not. You can go wherever you choose, the suggested routes simply  give you an idea of where to go and what to expect.


You can follow a suggested route or go you’re own, possibly taking in parts of a particular route which appeal to you, or even combine parts of a different routes.  


The possibilities are endless.

Pick up and Drop off

Yes, you’re welcome to leave whatever vehicle you arrive in with us. If it possible we’ll lock it up but if its a car or campervan it will be left locked in our yard.

Not usually, but if for some reason you have no other alternative contact us prior to making a booking, we’ll see if something can be arranged.

Yes, you can drop the bike off at Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Wellington or Auckland.

This service is only available for tours of more that 8 days duration and a relocation fee will be charged which will be shown as a separate item on your booking form.

This will depend on which location you go to, and the day and time of drop off.

Each location is close to either a train or bus route so transport is not a problem – once you know your dates contact us and we’ll help you arrange the most suitable solution.

During your hire

We’d prefer it if you didn’t have any accidents while out riding but if you do here’s how to deal with it.

Get the address and phone number of all those involved plus any witnesses and remember that if anyone is injured you must report the injury to the Police immediately.  Inform us as soon as possible so that the appropriate action can be taken (see General Terms & Conditions of Hire). 

Note that, unless you are not the one at fault, you are responsible for the cost of repairing the motorcycle up to the insurance excess of $5000.  You are also responsible for the cost to recover the vehicle if it can no longer be ridden.  This can get pretty expensive for you so try not to let it happen.  If the accident is not your fault you will still be charged the insurance excess until it has been recovered from the third party.

250 to 350km day is not a bad yardstick to use when planning your trip, of course it’s possible to do less, or more than this, depending on what sort of riding experience you’re looking for.  Check out  ‘Roads, Weather and Distances’  which has lots of useful information.

We base our hire charges on an average of 300km/day so for a 10 day hire your ‘allowance is’ 3,000km.  

In the majority of cases this is easily enough however if you want to go hard and think you’ll exceed this you have the option of increasing this to 400km at a cost of $40/day.  See our General Terms and Conditions of Hire for more info.

The simple answer is ‘No’. 

While New Zealand does have some fantastic off road riding you may not take your hire motorcycle off a sealed surface unless there is absolutely no other alternative route.


We do have motorcycles available for off the beaten track just get in contact with your requirements.


Having said that we accept that not all roads are sealed and that it may be necessary to use an unsealed road at times.

What are these – Tasman Valley Road, Nevis Canyon Road, Mavora Lakes Road, Waikaremoana Road and TSS Earnslaw?

These are all seasonal roads that are generally only open during the summer months, they are not sealed and often have multiple river crossings as well as sharp bends and steep gradients.  Our hire bikes may not be ridden on them.

New Zealand travel tips

In a word yes, but be aware that most small town stations will close at night. The majority of them will have a 24/7 card service taking most major credit cards but there is the odd exception. 


Murchison for example closes 9pm to 6am and doesn’t have an afterhour service (unless you want to fill your bike with diesel!) so the nearest fuel is St Arnaud (60km) or Springs Junction (83km). 


You will rarely have to travel more than 150km between stations but if you’re heading into remote places we can supply a 1ltr fuel container ‘just in case’.

New Zealand has a range of accommodation options ranging from camp grounds to 5 star hotels.

If you’re camping then expect to pay around $20pp for a tent site, up to $110 for a powered cabin, many camp grounds also have units available which can be a good option if there are 5 or 6 of you.


Motels range from $90 – $160 for a double room and will usually allow an extra guest or two at $10/20pp. Hotels will vary in price according to standard of accommodation and location, $300 would be the norm in a major city but of course the sky is the limit.

AirBnb is also increasingly popular but the good ones do get booked early.

About New Zealand

Each part of the year has it’s own attractions.


During the summer (Nov – Feb) you’ll get the longest days and highest temperatures but will find accommodation tightens up, particularly in the centers.

You’ll get some fantastic riding in March April and May, the days are still long enough, the weather tends to be very settled and the roads are all but empty plus accommodation is plentiful, start in the south and head north.


Winter (June – Aug) can be, well wintery, but you’ll still get some fantastic riding especially through the mountain passes on a sunny afternoon, but do be aware that accommodation will be tight in the main ski restorts (Queenstown, Wanaka, Ruaphuna) so if you’re going to those areas book ahead.

Sept Oct can be variable, it’s New Zealand springtime, expect the odd wintery blast but also enjoy the warmer weather and longer evenings.

Visit 100% Pure New Zealand website for more information

No, but you’ll find lots of beers, you’re probably getting confused by the Kiwi accent…

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