T-Shirt Trail

Here’s a little something to help you get the most out of your T-shirt trail trip.  We’ve compiled a series of questions which can be answered by going to the locations shown, you take whatever route suits you to get there. 

There’s no time limit on this so take as long as you want, even come back next year if you don’t knock it off in one go.

The answers are simple to find but will take you to some interesting and beautiful locations, some are on main routes along the way, others off the beaten track. 

See a slice of local history and learn a bit about NZ culture by stopping at places you might otherwise miss. 

All locations in the T-shirt trail are easy to find, you can click on the map marker to see the questions or download the entire question sheet below (available from 1st Dec 2017). 

GPS coordinates are included with the questions or you can download a complete KML file to upload to your gps (available from 1st Dec 2017).

Hand in your completed sheet at the end of your trip to claim your T-shirt.

T-shirt trail location map

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