Reefton Loop

Trev and I had a spare day so decided to clock up a few K’s, the forecast was good so we met up at Amberley and agreed to loop around Springs Junction, Reefton then home past Lake Brunner and over Arthur’s Pass.


A perfect day for riding, no wind, cool start but warming up as we hit the Lewis Pass. Trev had to eat at pie at Springs Junction (well he hadn’t had one since the day before), I drank coffee then off we set to Reefton. What a great 44km of road, bend after sweeping bend, no traffic and the sun almost behind our right ear, perfect.


From Reefton we took the back roads around Moana and up through the Otira gorge to Arthur’s Pass for a break. There we met up with four young Wellingtonians touring the South Island. They were riding a variety of bikes from a 1973 Yamaha RD350 two stroke to a S40 Boulevard.


Nice to see guys in their twenties getting into bikes, hope they make it to Wanaka before the rain set in. After coffee we set off homeward with the sun behind and a slight tail wind, 99.9km/hr all the way. Bliss.


Everyday should be like this.. 645km, 9.5hrs including too many stops.
Oh yes, Mr T rode his trusty ST1300, I took the ever faithful V-Strom 650, now with 90k on the clock and going strong.

Reefton Loop ride:

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