Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari

Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari

The Scooter Safari is a biennial charity event involving motorised Scooters riding 250kms Coast-to-Coast, up and over the Southern Alps from Christchurch to Hokitika to raise funds for the New Zealand Cancer Society.

Next Ride: 2022  

The Scooter Safari is a charity event involving 250 motorized Scooters riding 250kms Coast-to-Coast over the Southern Alps from Christchurch to Hokitika to raise funds for the NZ Cancer Society – Canterbury / West Coast Branch.

It’s an awareness-raising and fundraising event for the survivors, families of those with cancer and those committed to making a difference. By raising funds for the Cancer Society we are helping them continue their amazing work making sure those people living with cancer, their family, friends and colleagues as well as the health professionals that support them get access to information and support, from the moment of diagnosis right through to treatment and recovery.

It’s not a race or for the faint hearted –  it is designed to be the coldest, longest, hardest, most grueling and uncomfortable test of endurance on a city scooter to raise money and awareness for cancer sufferers. We’re doing this to show our support for the hardship those living with cancer go through during their treatment – the Safari is nothing compared to that!

Started in 2009, the Scooter Safari was created by Jayne and Mike Rattray, born in support of a friend diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. “We thought if he’s going to get a sore butt, then we should too!”

From humble beginnings, the first ride saw 32 riders make the maiden voyage raising $14,000 in donations for the Cancer Society. Since then the event has snowballed with over 250 scooters taking part each year and raising over $789,000 for the cause. The next ride in 2018 will our 6th biennial ride where we hope to reach 1-Million.

Let’s inspire those around New Zealand, cancer sufferers in hospital and those who dream that they too may one day be well enough to ride in such an awesome event. Get onboard and help make a difference!

Sign up to ride at Scooter Safari 2018 and raising those funds – hoping to break the $1,000,000 mark this time round!

Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari