‘Ride Forever’ ACC Motorcycle Training

ACC ride forever

ACC motorcycle training “Ride Forever” courses are available across New Zealand and cater for all levels, from the learner motorbike rider right through to expert riders.

These courses are subsidized by the New Zealand Government funded Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and are available to overseas visitors wishing to upskill their motorcycle skills while visiting NZ.

The courses are available to anyone riding a motorcycle in New Zealand, including overseas visitors who wish to hire a motorbike here.

They are run by a network of New Zealand Transport Agency approved instructors throughout NZ and at at three different skill levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each level is a one day, 8 hr, course which is split between approximately 2 hours in the classroom/6hrs on the road.

The good news is that they are subsidized by New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) with the aim of reducing motorcycling related accidents, this means you pay a minimum amount for one heck of a lot of training.

Whether you’re a regular rider during winter, or you tend to leave your bike in the garage when the weather’s at its worst, now’s the perfect time to sharpen your riding skills,” said ACC’s Motorcycle Programme Manager Dave Keilty.

Ride Forever Course Information:

Numbers are capped at 6 per course with 3 being the minimum, so if you’re visiting New Zealand with a group of fiends and would like to enrol please contact us with your requirements. 

Providing you are a group of at least three, we can arrange training with a course provider to coincide with your first day or second day of hire, this can be geared toward the skill level of the group. Its a great introduction to New Zealand as the local ‘on road’ training normally takes place around Banks Peninsular (Akaroa). 

There’s usually a stop at a cafe for lunch plus CircleNZ will throw in a treat for your elevenses.

Ride Forever also provide a wealth of online ‘How To articles covering a wide range of subjects, from riding skills to dealing with accidents. Well worth a browse through.

CircleNZ have a range of motorcycles available to hire at discounted rates – contact us for details.

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