Lake Coleridge Lodge, Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge Lodge - Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge Lodge offers accommodation in a historic building that was built for staff working on the Government’s first hydro-electric power station.  The Lodge is located in the beautiful Lake Coleridge High Country. Stunning alpine views while you soak up the peace and tranquility and experience high country life.

During most of last century, the Lodge was known as the Single Men’s Quarters. In the late 80s and early 90s, when increasing automation of the power station meant fewer staff were needed, the Lodge and other village houses owned by the NZ Electricity Department were sold and the new Lodge owners turned the building into Bed & Breakfast accommodation for the growing tourist market.

Over the years the building has seen many improvements including the addition of more guest rooms, a restaurant/ dining area and a golf course with holes named after some of the people who lived in the Single Men’s Quarters in the early days. The Lodge library holds historical records about life in Lake Coleridge Village from when the power station was being built (1911-1914) through to more recent times. You can look through the photos and read stories left by past residents during your stay.

The Lodge has a spa, sauna and chip and putt golf course. You can choose from a superior en-suite room, standard queen room with private detached bathroom or a twin room with private detached bathroom. All the rooms are named after local rivers.

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